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Skin At Every Age

Skin in its 20’s

  • Skin is plump, producing an adequate amount of oil and collagen
  • Cell turnover is healthy, occurring around every 14-25 days
  • Now is the time to establish a consistent regime to control oil, maintain healthy skin and protect from future damage
  • There may be oiliness, breakouts and fine lines around eye area
  • Skin is an excellent record keeper. Sunbathing, smoking, late nights and cocktails will show up on your skin 10 years from now

Skin in its 30’s

  • Cell turnover slows to 30 days leading to dehydration and dull skin (dryness)
  • Fine lines on the eye area may be visible
  • Signs of post-sun damage skin may begin to surface, including lines, uneven pigmentation and brown spots
  • The ageing process is underway, resulting in 1% less collagen every year
  • Skin works harder to fight against environmental attacks from free radicals and the natural ageing process as well as the breakdown of collagen
  • Skincare regimes should focus on correcting and protecting

Skin in its 40’s

  • Cell turnover slows to 40 days
  • Skin is less strong and collagen production slows down
  • Skin features free radical damage, while wrinkles are more prominent around eye area, forehead & mouth
  • Sun damage may have caused age spots and uneven skin tone
  • Skincare regimes should focus on repair and firming

Skin in its 50’s

  • The menopause may start in your 50’s
  • Skin features 30% reduction in collagen
  • Dramatic increase in dryness and dehydration
  • Skin become thinner and more sensitive
  • Deep wrinkles, age spots and sensitivity are prominent
  • Skin may slack over eyelids, neck and jaw line
  • Broken capillaries and spider veins evident on skin
  • Skincare regimes should focus on firming, strengthening, energizing and replenishing