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Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

This relaxing treatment involves filing, cuticle, massage, shaping of the nails and application of nail polish. It is beneficial in several ways. It improves the health and texture of finger and toe nails, hands and feet, protecting them from fungus and other types of infection. During the treatment, a relaxing hand and foot massage increases blood circulation and nourishes skin. Other benefits include prevention of hang nail formation, treatment of sore or broken skin around the nails, prevention of nail damage and stress reduction.

We work with a selection of renowned brands, including OPI, SNS Powder, CND Shellac, ensuring that we have a vast collection of on-trend, high-end nail polish colours.

SNS Nails

Signature Nail Systems is an innovative nail dipping system. It’s a long-lasting alternative to other nail enhancements such as Shellac. The nails are prepared in the usual way, then cleaned, then a coat of resin is applied, then dipped quickly into powder, then repeated several times to create the desired shape and finish. It is seen as a healthier nail enhancement option, generally because the process is so quick.

GEL Manicure Pedicure

Great news for those looking for a super-long-lasting manicure and pedicure. Our gel manicure-pedicure doesn’t chip and last for at least two weeks. This simple process involves applying a coat of colour “gel” (that looks like nail polish) to the nails. After each coat, hands or feet are placed under a LED light to cure (dry) the gel. There’s no waiting under a fan and no chance of smudging —it’s a dream come true.

Our gel manicure-pedicures last up to around two to three weeks and longer on the feet. With regular nail polish, the top coat begins to dull after a few days, but with a gel, they look as shiny on day fourteen as they did on day one.